Helens Bay Mens Fellowship

Imagine a cold wet windy Saturday morning. Leave the house (quietly) at 7.30 and wonder why anyone would want to meet at 7.45 on a Saturday morning. The seafront in Bangor is bleak, but there are another few souls parking cars and running huddled into the Marine Court. 

Once inside the mood changes. Smell of bacon and it is warm and cosy. The mood lifts and within seconds the banter starts. Strange collection – family men, all sorts of career types and one or two retired folks. Face any man with a cereal and fruit breakfast buffet and see incisive decisions being made. They know what they want. Every man for himself.

At the long table laid out for 14, the volumes rise as various conversations pick up pace. Rugby, football, clocks, adventures, trips, skulduggery, motor racing, engineering, cars. Someone suggests an Indian night out and we all agree. Ordering the hot breakfast is simple – 14 full fries except for those under orders to cut back and they drop the tomato. The chef makes an appearance to check that we have enough and are still happy with the bacon. We are.

Promptly at 8.15 we retire with a couple of coffee pots to the lounge chairs. The convenor introduces the topic emailed out during the week and the debate commences. The author views aren’t entirely consistent with some in the group and they make their case. Others disagree and counter with strongly held counter arguments. Occasionally clarification is offered by the more educated among us. Invariably we get off the subject but then – this is the point. To gain a deeper understanding of God’s world, how we fit in and
what He requires of us as our various roles in the family, at home, at work, in the community and at Church.
Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always respectful and enlightening. A lot of sharing of views and experiences.

Guillotine is at 9am sharp, discussion is halted and the gathering ends in prayer. Money is collected and some rush away to the family day ahead and the taxi jobs. Others mingle outside and continue the earlier conversations. The day is brighter, and although the weather is still bitter, a full stomach, a better understanding of God’s world and a sense of camaraderie and fellowship makes it a better place. We are well set up for the day ahead. 

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God Bless