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Helen’s Bay Men’s Fellowship continued to meet on occasional Saturday mornings at the Marine Court in Bangor. We have a major victory to report: our breakfast was in jeopardy by those terrible cost cutting accountant types. A concerted mission via Trip Advisor eventually succeeded and the quality of the breakfast was saved. Marine Court remains the best breakfast venue in North Down.

Beyond the thickness of the bacon and the succulence of the sausages we did get down to some intense conversation. We dappled with a couple of chapters of Rick Warren and considered a chapter from “God at Work” by an ex Investment Banker. More recently we tackled the testy subject of Forgiveness which to be honest was very demanding and stretched the best of us. 

Our official outing this year was to Bangor West to hear Anthony Delany speak. He is an expoliceman from Manchester who is a good friend of Sir Matt Baggott. A great morning and a breakfast which gave the Marine Court a run for its money. Our unofficial outing was to a Beer Tasting supporting Habitat for Humanity but no one remembers how that went.
On the Horology Front one of our members managed to visit an interesting clock on a Naval Base near Cape Town in South Africa.

We continue to meet at 7.45 in the Marine Court with the guillotine at 9am. A disturbing change has developed whereby some members have been known to continue the discussion afterwards on the street. It is probably evidence of the continuing need to share and challenge. The humour remains.

As always, we continue to welcome men joining us on an occasional basis. Keep an eye out on the announcements or join the mailing list to stay in touch.

Email to get on the mailing list, or call and leave a message on 07711 737 430.

God Bless

John, Paul and David